Monday, 22 July 2013

Hong Kong Day 3

Hong Kong Day 3

This morning was a good sunny day. When I was checking emails, I came across this HK ad on the TV by their government which surprised me. The government actually encourages them not to waste food! How to waste food here? I shall let the following pictures speak for themselves...

 My favourite custard bun.

My mom decided to walk "one round" to digest the wonderful dim sum we had but ended up wandering to somewhere I can see the mountains! So we took a cab back to our hotel to put down all the things she had bought and took a nap until the sun went down.

We proceeded to Mongkok for dinner and shopping..

Yes, eat and shop, eat and shop...

It's a good stinky toufu when you can smell it from 2 blocks away.

 Bought this for supper from along the same street with the stinky toufu.

We rested our legs at Shu Liu San and had some nice desserts and curry.

And finally we ended up at Ladies Market! The business was really bad...I only bought some pajamas..

 Dinner time, we went into this very homely cafe that has porridge and glutinous rice..

And then we continued to shop......

I understand now how HK gals can be so slim!! You have to walk really far and fast to reach one place, eat a quarter of many things so that you won't miss any, and then continue to walk far and fast! Now the government ad makes sense...

Hope everyone will have a peaceful smooth Monday at work...


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