Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Lush Spa

My bff brought me to one of the best spa in Singapore and a romantic dinner as my birthday present (really sweet of her). I shall leave the dinner later, let me tell you about my spa experience this time.

I've been quite a number of spa places in Singapore and some in overseas. One thing good about spa in overseas like Bali and Batam is the ambience..cozy, nature-hugging and exotic. Well, all these work easily with great space. However in Singapore, the limited space and high rental cost challenge the creativity of interior design to give the best ambience which normally results in expensive spa package. It is really really hard to find a spa in Singapore that can let me feel the same enjoyment that I get from Bali. But we've found it!

It's Lush Spa at Singapore Polo Club. A humble cozy place that I wish I can laze for the whole day.

Can you see "no kids below 8 yrs"?? That means no screaming, crying or running kids! Sorry but noisy kids give me migraine and I just can't stand that the parents are so numb about the noise and expect other people to tolerate their failure of controlling them.

Anyway back to the spa. We were warmly welcomed by the staff at Lush Spa, explaining to us what services they will be providing for this visit with a cup of warm ginger tea..nice..We get to smell and choose our scrub and if you want, you can choose a different massage oil (at additional cost).

  There are chocolates for you to sample and buy home..they all taste good after the massage.hehe...

 Finally after a 5 minutes wait, our turn arrived! We proceeded to our couple room with great anticipation..even the pavement to the room feels great under my feet.

Ta-da..our room. all the rooms in this spa has its own shower and steambath facility. For couple room, there is a hydrobath too (top right in the image) for you to be more intimate with your partner. Couple spa package comes with champagne! I really like the fabric that they put on the massage bed, felt like sarong and reminded me of Bali..the room was dim and there is no weird know sometimes spa room smells funny.

See the view outside? Which spa can you see such green view? Really love the energy of this room inside out!

We had a foot bath first, body scrub, steambath and then the main course - full body massage. I chose coffee body scrub which was slightly coarse and left my skin really smooth..My friendly massage therapist, Sharon, has really strong and firm hands. My aching muscles just melted under her skillful fingers..I will definitely look for her when I go back.

I truly had a wonderful and pampered spa experience in Lush Spa. It is so private, cozy, no hardselling staff, no therapist who tells me what's wrong with my skin and I have to pay more for extra treatment, no kids..if you go during your birthday month, you will get a discount based on your age and your friend will get 20% off too. Remember to place an appointment first ok?

Check out their website at for the spa menu and promotion.

Singapore Polo Club
80 Mount Pleasant Road Singapore 298334
(next to the Old Police Academy along Thomson Rd)

Telephone: 6254 9091
Operating hours: 10am to 9pm (Mon-Sun)

Is it time to pamper yourself already?



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