Friday, 19 April 2013


Causeway Point at Woodlands has finally finished renovation! Not sure since when it was done but it has become really shopping friendly already, unlike last time when they were still work in progress, even the waitresses were grumpy and I didn't enjoy a simple pasta from Pastamania there. Now it has good air ventilation, cool air-con and spacious walking area..not difficult at all to locate any shop you want, as long as you know which floor it is at.

After my driving lesson at Bukit Batok Driving Centre, my darling dated me to catch up over dinner at Causeway Point. We wanted to dine at Paradise Dynasty but we were sooo hungry we could eat a cow, so we decided to eat steamboat buffet! Japanese Style.

The restaurant is quite big for just steamboat and it was almost full house! They have 5 soup bases (which only 2 appeals to us), we chose Terkiyaki and Spicy. The Teriyaki soup base was too sweet for us, so we ended up attacking the Spicy one..actually after 1-2hrs of dipping meat and veg into the spicy base, it started to taste abit odd too..

This is their veg bar, there are different kind of mushrooms, veg, minced meat in bamboo, crab sticks, fish balls...I didn't see clams and seafood though. Opposite this veg bar is sauce bar..they got all kind of japanese sauce, rice and miso soup.

 This is the drink bar and ice cream machine. 

Meats are free flow but you can't grab them yourselves over the counter, you have to tell the waitress to bring specific meat to you. This is chicken slices..soo thin you can almost see the tray, fast cooking and smooth texture.

 Pork facing you, beef slices behind. The first 2 trays of meat were nice and thin, the trays after that not as good..but still edible la..

So that's it, healthy japanese steamboat! We had alooooot of veg, really filled our stomach up so quickly.. It is really a good place for gathering and lovey dovey to knock chopsticks in the pot.

Here are my views:
Ambience 2.5/5
Food 2.5/5 (cook yourself so I don't see there is any skill from chefs needed except for the soup)
Service 2.5/5 (serve yourself at the counter unless you need the meat)
Price Affordable ($14.99++ to 24.99++)
Toilet Availability 0/5 (please use Causeway Point's toilets)

#05-14.15 Causeway Point 1 Woodlands Square, Singapore, Singapore 738099
Telephone: 6462 1557
Opening hours: Mon - Sun: 11:30 am - 10:00 pm  
Next, is 4Fingers crispy chicken really that nice that you need to queue for 15 minutes?! Staytuned.

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