Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Miss Universe Singapore (just a thought)

2013's Miss Universe Singapore (MUS for short) was just over. Girls, have you ever imagined yourself taking part in MUS? Can you even imagine yourself winning the crown??
Well long long time ago when I was still in my 20s, a friend of mine indeed had a serious thought about MUS, in fact, she even came out with the world's most difficult questions for herself and she answered beautifully. I managed to dig out her questions and answers that I'd print-screened years ago and I would like to share with you in case you decide to take part the 2014 one. Otherwise, you can still read it and have some laugh. Note that now judges are more interested in politics, so the followings can only help you abit in other things.

Why did you join Miss Universe Singapore?
'cos i believe in world peace and this is the best avenue for me to publicise my belief and dream.

*smiles brightly flashing pearlies and makes the hand sign for "world peace"*

i could do with the additional money in my bank too - mainly to beautify myself and advocate peace on earth, of course.

(note: hand sign for "world peace" still remains throughout answering of questions.)

Who has been an important influence/inspiration in your life? In what way(s)?

everyone i meet or haven't met has/will have an important influence in my life - 'cos we learn and experience from people we meet, observe and interact with. the same applies for those we haven't met but heard or read about.

for example reading about terrorist attacks and war stirs up feelings of patriotism and safety in us. we become more vigilant in our daily activities and are concerned with security issues. another contrasting example would be reading about how one person won $10 million at the lottery - you'll be inspired to buy more lottery as you feel that you can be that lucky too.
simply put: each and everyone of us impact, influence and inspire others daily though we don't realise it.

Tell us something interesting about yourself.
i am a peace-lover...

*flashes pearlies and hand-sign for peace again, with more enthusiasm and energy*

and i believe strongly in prevention of cruelty to pets. pets should not be abused or subjected to torture and neglect once we accept them in our lives. we have a responsibility towards their well-being. despite all our faults and short-comings, they are always there for us. they bring joy into our lives and comfort us when we are down.

*pauses for a while then realises that perhaps what was said above probably wasn't interesting enough*

enough of the mundane stuff. what's interesting about me is that i value my appearance a lot, and i readily admit it. don't start dissing me off as shallow or being a vain-pot. who doesn't want to look pretty, radiant and young always? i always crave for attention, especially from my special someone (note: will not tolerate infidelity and philandering ways - no.1 cardinal sin of all time).

*realises that she still hasn't answered the question. frantically tries to smoke to cover up.*

on reflection, i don't have any peculiarities or idiosyncrasies to share. i am just an average gal who enjoys slacking, looking good, constantly wanting to diet and dreams of being a tai-tai.

What is your best asset?

my best asset is my bank account. however, the balance in the account has reached an all-time low, and i am frantically trying to find ways to increase it.

apart from my bank account, i guess in terms of most well-used asset would be my technological products like my mobile phone, computer and mp3 player.

as for physical best asset, i'd leave it to your imagination...

*slides hand down from the buxom to the butt in a bid to draw attention to the relevant areas*

though i must say my dimples are really cute...

*flashes wide smile showing off deep dimples*

plus am perfecting the cfm... erm... sexy look. (phoebe: "cfm" if you are not sure, it's short for come f*** me)

*tries to pull off a cfm look, but realises she can't, hence begins to pout hoping that she will look sexy and alluring*

What is your greatest achievement?

my greatest achievement to date would be to be able to apply make-up and cosmetics properly to enhance my features! i am still far-off from being a professional, but compared to my earlier days, i think i have progressed lots. ain't i looking good?

*bats eyelashes unabashedly whilst maintaining poise*

What are your hobbies?

advocating peace. (remember: hand signal)

apart from that - the usual reading, slacking, playing with babies, cuddling my bolsters, rabbits and a special someone, being a good gf/lover/friend/sister/daughter/colleague (note: peace lover, remember?) etc.

aspiring to learn cooking and baking though.

plus sometimes i have the urge to go on a shopping spree, eating feast etc.

the latest craze - fishing and prawn catching (haven't had the time to try that out though) and experimenting with different looks... currently practising the cfm look (without success may i add. darn!).

What are some interesting or unusual jobs you may have had?

nothing too unusual or attention-grabbing like that of a whore or ktv lounge hostess, though i aspire to be a masseuse (apart from my dream of being a beauty queen and a 'tai tai').

have had normal jobs e.g. student, baby sitter, clerical jobs, event organiser, social escort (erm... that's my sideline my personal time... hah!)

What is your career ambition and what have you been doing to move towards the goal?

to be a beauty queen - ain't that why i signed up for the competition?
and of course once i am a beauty queen, i can rub shoulders, mingle with the 'in' crowd and the upper echelons of society and realise my dream of either earning more money or being a 'tai tai'.

and of course - to be a peace advocator. (note: hand signal)

What's your philosophy towards life?

life is important - we should value it. life's too short to be make enemies.
world peace.

*flashes pearlies and symbol for peace once more*

Last time Miss Universe, to us, were really about bimbos..but now you have to be pretty, eco-friendly, peace-lover, animal-lover, politically-correct, children-lover, elderly-lover, good in musics, dancing, and probably singing......life is really getting more challenging.

Okay, how about we talking about losing weight next time! Not bimbo already right?



  1. Your bimbo friend really came out with these questions and answers?! Amazing... That someone can be THAT bimbo haha!

    /Snake fearer

  2. In contrast, she is a very very smart girl wor! Very good in Language and IQ. She's pretty also and has many admirers when I worked with her.