Tuesday, 11 December 2012

S.E.A. Aquarium

Out of impulse, we visited the Marine Life Park aka South East Asia Aquarium at Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) last Sunday.The aquarium is now the world's largest Aquarium   I totally forgot that the place will be crowded during weekends and school holidays.

We took a shuttle bus outside Vivocity to go straight to RWS and then figured our way to the aquarium. The ticket costs $29 per adult for visiting aquarium only and a complementary $5 meal voucher.
The queue was sooo long, we waited for 20mins for our turn.

After we have gotten our tickets, we cut through maritime museum. You can see the ship that Zheng He used to travel asia. I've read and heard too much of Zheng He, so I didn't buy museum tickets to check him out.

We made our way to the aquarium, the dolphins hanging on the ceiling welcomed us.

At the entrance, there are left and right way to travel. We first went to the left side where there is a tank that I thought was big enough. I was wrong! The ship wreck concept is amazing, it seems so real and seasoned.

The right side from entrance. Tunnel tank..quite similar to Underwater World.  There are 2 tunnel tanks. The other one is full of sharks!

There are a lot of Jelly fish also..there is a tank with all jelly fish lying upside down on the tank floor..i wonder why..

Tank underneath the floor. The tourists are quite afraid to walk on it. Maybe they are scared of breaking the tank and fall into a pond of mini sharks.

This felt like we are living in a tank.

Finally, the selling point of S.E.A aquarium...

Wait for it...

Wait for it...

Taadaa...the biggest tank in the world! The water not as clear as I expected, maybe the sand needs time to settle in. We can see divers busy cleaning the sand.

The manta ray is sooooo BIG! I see the way it flies in the water calmed me down..so graceful.

There is also a tank full of eels..very fat eels.

 After about 1 hour, we finished the visit and left the place with more knowledge about the sea and river. This aquarium is really a place to conserve and educate people. Although I didn't see whale shark and dolphins, they belong to the sea and I did not expect to see them at all. I will come back again during non-peak period so that I can sit at the biggest tank and chill...so peaceful.

Do visit our largest aquarium soon!



  1. I went! They say dolphin will be there in 2013. I dun rmb which period though