Sunday, 20 December 2015

National Gallery Singapore, Southeast Asian Art Museum

Sorry guys, once again I took forever to update my blog. Finally I have some time to blog again! This time is the National Gallery that opens in Dec 2015. I went on the Sunday that was also the Standard Chartered Marathon day..6 of Dec..

The National Gallery links two buildings together, which are City Hall and Supreme Court formerly, so it is a huge place to walk. Remember to wear a pair of comfortable shoes!

This was along the way while we were queuing..even though we already had the tickets in our hands.

Look at the queue.
As a lot of exhibitions were not opened up yet, I will show you more on the architecture designs of the interior.

I love the lockers at basement. They take in $1 coin and you can travel around the museum hands-free!

The cells are opened up for you to experience how it is like to be temporarily held before court.

There's a classroom to help unveil your child's artistic side.

A cafe called Plain Vanilla Bakery..cousin and I were drooling when we saw these.

Interactive panel for you to choose photos and send it to your email.

One of the restaurants with Peranakan theme.

Roosters bowls.

Alone that morning, I've clocked more than 12,000 steps! Normally during weekdays I need a whole day to clock that much of steps. That shows how big the museum is.

Do check out their website at to find out what exhibitions are available. There is free admission to Singapore Citizens and PRs to certain galleries, so do take note. Oh ya, the ticketing counters are at basement, near the lockers.

Opening hours:

I'll will see you guys again with more throwbacks! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!


Monday, 28 September 2015

The Refinery Singapore

Sorry my friends, the weather and air have been really bad that I kept falling sick for past few months. I finally make an effort today to write this review because a good friend of mine requested.. :) So Lin, here you go..

The Refinery Singapore at Jalan Besar..technically, it's at 115 King George's Ave, right at the end of the same block where AEIOU is.

You will not miss this place with this entrance..

My lunch kaki and I were trying to recall all the characters on the wall..can you recognize all of them?

The other side of the cafe..I love the high ceiling concept, added so much space and feel to the place.
This place became so packed during lunch hour, so do come as early as 12 noon.

Look at the chairs with rim legs..there was free flow of water beside this table..great!

This is the view I got for sitting under the window.

A nice touch of table deco..I love the plant but not the "vase" because it looks like the bottles you see in hospital..

We ordered this side dish, Cauliflower Fritters ($10), battered cauliflowers with Togarashi mayonaise dip. These were delicious, they were crispy outside (thin crust), nicely cooked cauliflowers inside (not overcooked), seasoned with mild chili power and spring onion. My favorite so far..

Our set order when you add $5 with your main, come with Agadashi toufu and a drink. Cranberry juice for the lady (me), original price at $6, it was refreshing but too sweet for me. Latte (U.P. $4.30) for my lunch kaki. He's a man with very few words, he's review for his latte was "so-so". His expectation very high.

This is my lunch kaki's spicy mee ($12) with pulled pork, homemade sambal, pork balls pork lard and Signature 72 degree Onsen Tamago (and side dish Agadashi toufu). He said the pulled pork was marinated well but noodles were too soft and soggy. As you can see, it was spicy with chili oil and he's satisfied.

I love the Agadashi toufu, it was perfect.

Hohohoho...this was my lunch, Refinery Waffle ($12)! It comprised of Vanilla Waffle, strawberries, sea salt caramel ice cream and crushed pistachio. The waffle was crispy but not hard and chewy or bready. I don't like my waffle texture to be like bread, so this was good for me. Ice cream was rich, creamy and not too sweet..strawberries were sweet and fresh and the pistachio was aromatic...yum!

They do serve alcohol during lunch and dinner.

Also everyone, there is no service charge! And they have clean toilets which I appreciate too..hehe..

Check out their website at


Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Ollie Cafe

Cousin and I walked past this cafe when we were shopping around Somerset area. The underground, called Orchard Gateway, has been done up and ready for visitors to travel from 313, Orchard Central to Orchard Emerald. It's nice to see some unique shops that sell different things like vintage accessories and soap making.

Then we went hungry and decided to sit down for a drink here..

And without having to ask, the waitress served us with water immediately once we sat down. Great service!

Small humble cafe..

Love my Pina Colada ($6.90 on the right), it really tasted like the real Pina Colada without coconut milk and alcohol..yummy..
Iced Lychee Mint Tea ($5.90 on the left) was slightly bitter but had minty after taste.

My cousin wanted an all-day breakfast so she ordered Sabsouska ($15.90) with chicken con carne, professionally cooked eggs, cheddar cheese, jalapeno, salad and toast. This dish was cheesy, , slightly spicy, the gravy was appetizing and the toasts were thick and crispy. But look at the oil!

My Hummus Salad ($10.90) with mesculun mix, olives, sun dried tomato, fresh tomato, cucumber, shallot and toast. I'm not a fan of sun dried tomato as it is very sour so I attacked the rest. The vegetables were fresh and portion was generous, so I couldn't finished at all. I love the Hummus texture, not salty not oily and it was nutty and had a hint of peas. Unlike my cousin's toasts, mine were thin but crispy too. 

Overall, this cafe offers a short list of dishes but they are specially decorated and cooked to present good contrast of colors and textures. I do not mind trying their coffee again when I pass by next time.

Want to look for them? They are at 277 Orchard Road B2-10, Orchard Gateway Shopping Malls, Singapore 238858.


p.s. hope everyone has enjoyed your long weekend!

Monday, 27 July 2015


What a crazy week! Finally I can squeeze out some time to do a throw back on Aeiou cafe at 111 King George's Avenue.

This cafe is not far away from Lavender Mrt station compared to Tiramisu Hero and Two Bakers. It's under an old shop house with quite a misleading name.

See what I mean? It's underneath Oriental Antique House.

Outdoor seats.You can sit on all sorts of old school chairs.

Really old school..reminded me of the childhood days.

So true..
Selling seeds for your green fingers withdrawals. I also have been planting indoors, it is so satisfying to see the plants grow from seeds to sprouts.

I really appreciate the vertical planting and the cafe's effort to make every corner to have a touch of greenery.
Look at the fan at the left side, the chairs, the bus and the car at the bottom right. Everything is really so old school..I hope they are clean..

I have smelt some of them..not bad.

Right, GST already included in the price and no service charge. Makes your life easier.

My lunch kaki's latte ($5.50), as usual. There's no skim or soy milk, FYI. If you must ask how was the latte, my lunch kaki said "not bad! Better than xx xx cafe nearby". It's difficult to get a compliment from my lunch kaki, you know? hehehe...

My Avocado Coffee ($8). See the 2 cups of espresso and the ice blended avocado. I've tried the ice blended avocado, it was super yummy! I almost couldn't bear to pour the espresso in..I highly recommend you to order this. Oh! Notice the glass? Alcoholics, you should be very familiar.

My avocado mixed with coffee..still yummy, but avocado taste not as strong already as the fragrant espresso had overwritten the aroma. Love love love it..

My lunch kaki's Beef Cheek Pasta ($24.90), with tagliatelle pasta fused with a Tangy balsamic vinegar. He said it's not too sour but pasta was slightly tough, beef cheek was tender and marinated well, tasted like our chinese traditional pig knuckles in vinegar for mothers in confinement. hahahaha...that's his description.

My vegetarian Tortellini ($17.90), pasta dumplings stuffed with ricotta and parmigiano cheese in homemade tomato stew. This dish was very appetizing, the pasta skin was soft but didn't burst or split. The dumpling fillings were not too much and vegetable inside was cooked just right. I could feel many different texture in this dish. I also recommend this to my vegetarian mates.

Overall, this cafe is a very pleasant place for fresh air and high ceiling. The background bosanova music soft enough for us to talk without shouting or repeating and the waiters asked us for the feedback on the food. However, there was no free flow of water and we needed to keep asking for it.

Oh ya, they have beer and wines too.

They do arrange for private events, so do check out their facebook below before you whatapps your bff to go there: