Saturday, 15 March 2014


Since my good good friend requested for pancakes review, here's another one!

Udders is at Upper Thomson and I've been persuading myself to try out the pancakes there every time I go for gym at that area.

You know what Udders mean? *cough* It means the breasts of cow in this case...hehe..cute right?

This time after making sure I had burnt enough calories, I went there for pancakes. 

It is just next to the famous waffles place (which I will blog soon), Salted Caramel. The row of shops are very near Thomson Plaza.

I went al fresco again because I do not like the ambience inside..quite noisy and cramp.

Pretty girl at the counter but there's an ugly cable hanging in the middle. There are sooooo many choices of ice cream, I almost couldn't decide which one. And then I saw Butterscotch Whiskey...I want!

So I ordered The Udder Nana with Butterscotch Whiskey ice cream ($8.30).

It had 4 pancakes and fresh banana drizzled with caramel sauce and cinnamon powder. The cinnamon powder wasn't too heavy and the pancakes were very soft....the banana slices were too sweet. Butterscotch Whiskey ice cream was quite disappointing also, I could only taste alcohol and no butterscotch. Could be because the banana slices were too sweet and numbed my tongue.

4 pancakes were too much for me, I could only finish 2 pieces and half the ice cream.

There was not much service, except when the pancakes being served to me. I had to go back into the shop to take utensils. I think this place can satisfy you if you have pancake cravings.

In conclusion, you can consider eating there out of convenience.

Check out their website at

246D Upper Thomson Road Singapore 574370

Next, waffles!


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