Monday, 6 October 2014

Sony RX100 MIII

Firstly, apologies that it took me so long to post again as I've been busy tackling work and that I think I've adapted to the new lifestyle, I missed blogging..let me introduce my new friend..


First, I must thank a good photographer aka friend of mine, Mr Eirik Tan...He's the one who brought me to the path of no return...he introduced me to this baby and I didn't regret buying it.

I bought it end of August and tested on all the difficult topics..pets, night scene and SELFIE! Yes...this baby can take selfie..easily....because it has the lcd screen that can be flipped 180 degrees. LOVE IT!

Talk is cheap. Let me show you with photos..I hardly edited them, really. I've saved so much time!

First, pets...they are fast, unpredictable...especially if they are black. Normally even DSLR autofocus can hardly focus them quickly, but this baby can focus it in a flash (without flash light) under dim condition.

Then I brought the baby to night festival....

 In the national museum.

 Using A-Mode

I didn't get the good place to capture the handsome face of William Close because it was soooo packed..He was amazing with his Earth Harp.

Then I went to Cafe Fest, got sun burnt and caffeine overdosed..

It was great effort from the organizer despite all the complaints from the people...please ignore them..

I happened to chance upon one of the effects available in the camera called retro during my treatment in the hospital..

And is SELFIE!!! will LOVE it! It has soft skin and timer so that you can prepare your pretty face before capturing it!

This baby has so many more other modes and so easy to use! I'm going to post more with food mode coming up on the way...stay tuned!


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