Friday, 1 March 2013

Coco Ichibanya

Japanese Curry Rice again!!

This time it was not on purpose too. We were loitering at 313 Somerset basement looking for cheap food to eat (well, not cheap after all once you see the prices below) and then we saw Coco Ichibanya at one quiet corner of the basement. The big plates of curry rice displayed in their shelf were waving at us..since there were seats and the noise level was tolerable, we headed in to try..

The place was quite pleasant - clean, good air ventilation, bright..

Sometimes I find Japanese are too detailed and slightly complicated in their food..or in fact, almost in everything.. Here we thought we can just point at the menu and the food will come, but no..we must:
first choose the curry dish we want, 
then choose quantity of rice (with a price. you can also reduce your rice amount that comes with reduction of price too), 
then you choose the spicy level (the max. is level 5, but technically it has 7 levels. First 2 levels are for children and level 0 for standard respectively. *roll eyes* level 0?!), 
then choose to have extra toppings or not (with a price of course) 

We chose Thin-sliced Boiled Beef Curry with additional sausages (for yours sincerely) and Beef Omelet Curry, both at spice level 2 - Hot. The service was really fast, made me worried abit and started imagine that all the food were actually cooked in the morning and they were reheated using microwave..just my thoughts..maybe Japanese has invented some machines that can pressure cook them in just 1 minute.

 Thin-sliced Boiled Beef Curry ($12.50 + $1 sausages)

Beef Omelet Curry ($14)

I find the sausages were very short (size does matter to me), tasted not that bad..but there were room for improvement. The Omelet curry was a was like when you put a spoon of omelet curry rice into your mouth, you will just think, "hmm...ok this is egg, this is rice..oh, here is the beef.." somehow I couldn't taste the harmonization of the ingredients..I don't feel the must to eat them together. Same goes to the Thin-sliced boiled beef curry..

Well the plus points are the environment was alright but soft-talkers and easily-migraine people like me..there was funny jazz played in the background in medium volume - which was good. The other customers behaved themselves by not laughing or shouting loudly, the kids were tamed too..I was just lucky.

Here are my views:
Ambience 2.5/5
Food 2.5/5
Service 2.5/5
Price Slightly steep
Toilet Availability 0/5 (please use 313 Somerset's toilets)

Mon - Fri: 10:00 - 22:00
Sat - Sun & PH: 10:00 - 23:00

Next: Paradise Inn! Stay tuned!


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