Monday, 14 July 2014

Shrove Tuesday

A belated congratulations to Shrove Tuesday on its opening during the first quarter of 2014 at Toa Payoh..I'm finally able to blog about your effort after tasting the products for the second time lately..

They had put in so much effort decorating the entrance, and if you visit them once a while, they do update the decorations..

 All the ice cream and cakes were waving at me saying "pick me pick me!"..

 My eyes were so overwhelmed with all the variety of staircases to heaven..

 Evening time will not be as cozy and spacious as you see here..I went during mid weekend afternoon.

Youth energy lingers everywhere..

Really love the tiled special, so Peranakan. I have soft spot for Peranakan culture if you have followed my post on Baba House and Peranakan Museum..

This is like a small reading room..I had my orders here and enjoyed it until the crowds started to arrive..

Brownie ($3.50). Based on my experience, brownies come in many versions: chewy, slightly crispy, spongy, wet, melt in your mouth...this is the spongy version, which is....not really my type..but good effort!

Cafe Latte ($4.50). Freshly brewed latter with coffee beans flew over from Italy..quite aromatic and thick. Mostly importantly, nice coffee art. It's a swan right?

Oh....I couldn't resist to try out their rainbow cake ($6). Look so pretty and dreamy. It has layers of colored sponge cake divided by pieces of white chocolate..not easy to eat it gracefully as it fell apart together with the hard white chocolate..overall..I think it can be improved if the sponge cakes are more moist.

Finally, this was what I came for...waffle with chocolate sauce and maple syrup ($5). Honestly, it has improved alot since the first time i tried before their is crispy on the outside, thin and soft on the inside..not those bread and chewy texture. Very light and has slight aroma. To me, the texture and after taste are important for a simple pastry like this to outshine other waffle places. It must have its uniqueness and selling point for me to keep going back. Nonetheless, keep improving Shrove Tuesday! With your vibrant  energy, be receptive to customers' feedback and strive for better customer experience will bring you to success. Keep it up!

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