Tuesday, 23 April 2013

4Fingers Crispy Chicken

Now! Have you wandered in ION basement thinking of what to eat and saw a long long queue at a humble shop called 4Fingers Crispy Chicken? Wondering if it worth the patience? Let me tell you later..

Well, I frequent the Provence bakery quite often at ION and 4Fingers is just next to it so I can't help but I promised myself that I must try at least once. I mean, why are all these people queuing for just fried chicken, we have KFC and Texas Chicken right that are conveniently located near residents?? One thing about 4Fingers, it is Korean style fried chicken. NO WONDER so many people.............I only knew that after I'd finished my food and free enough to read the flyer on my tray about the history.

 You see the queue..I took this picture from where I was queuing..about 10mins of wait.

 While queuing, I was deciding on what to order as it's my first time. I heard couple said "I must have the crispy chicken", some people said "I want the calamari"..

 See the pickup counter signboard? Yes, self service. You have to queue to order, you have to wait to collect.

 The tables are quite closely placed so if you are lucky, you get the table to yourself. Otherwise you have to share table with other people, like me.

 After I'd ordered my food, I was given this (above image) "pager" that will beep me once my food is ready for collection. *whisper* I saw some couple shake and press this pager thinking that it must be spoiled and that's why the long waiting time.

 The drinks came with the pager, so I get to drink and not whining about the noises and music.

 Boys, do you remember this army tin that you use to cook your food? Now we are using it outside of the camp too!

 2 piece drumsticks rice box came with a drink ($8.95)
I ordered this because I get to try the famous chicken and there was rice to fill up my stomach. I requested for Soy Garlic sauce for this..not that bad. The rice can be more and the drumsticks can be bigger though..the skin was indeed crispy but I'm a freak who will feel guilty eating too much skin so I took a bite only. The meat can be juicier like Texas chicken.

 Crispy calamari combo came with a drink and fries ($9.95)
I tell you, I didn't regret ordering calamari, but I regretted ordering it with Hot sauce. I thought I got my chicken in Soy Garlic, then I should try the other sauce (which is Hot) on my calamari. How spicy could it be right? I regretted it to the max. It was so hot, my eyes were tearing and I could only take 2 calamari and leave the rest behind. I'm a person who can eat chilli padi with rice, but I cannot tolerate this spicy sauce. I ended up buying cold canned drinks from the mama shop at the corner of basement. I didn't get to enjoy the calamari and my stomach gave me war after the meal :( So people, beware! 

One more thing, there is no basin for you to wash your hands, so try to make full use of the plastic utensils and tissue.
So here are my views:
Ambience 2.5/5
Food 2.5/5
Service 2.5/5 (No service except for taking my order.)
Price Affordable
Toilet Availability 0/5 (please use ION's toilets)
Check out their website at http://www.gimme4fingers.com/crispy/main.html if you are keen to know more. They got their own song also..hahaha..seriously, I thought this was some fried chicken from New York because of the shop decor and there was zero hint about Korea!


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