Monday, 28 September 2015

The Refinery Singapore

Sorry my friends, the weather and air have been really bad that I kept falling sick for past few months. I finally make an effort today to write this review because a good friend of mine requested.. :) So Lin, here you go..

The Refinery Singapore at Jalan Besar..technically, it's at 115 King George's Ave, right at the end of the same block where AEIOU is.

You will not miss this place with this entrance..

My lunch kaki and I were trying to recall all the characters on the wall..can you recognize all of them?

The other side of the cafe..I love the high ceiling concept, added so much space and feel to the place.
This place became so packed during lunch hour, so do come as early as 12 noon.

Look at the chairs with rim legs..there was free flow of water beside this table..great!

This is the view I got for sitting under the window.

A nice touch of table deco..I love the plant but not the "vase" because it looks like the bottles you see in hospital..

We ordered this side dish, Cauliflower Fritters ($10), battered cauliflowers with Togarashi mayonaise dip. These were delicious, they were crispy outside (thin crust), nicely cooked cauliflowers inside (not overcooked), seasoned with mild chili power and spring onion. My favorite so far..

Our set order when you add $5 with your main, come with Agadashi toufu and a drink. Cranberry juice for the lady (me), original price at $6, it was refreshing but too sweet for me. Latte (U.P. $4.30) for my lunch kaki. He's a man with very few words, he's review for his latte was "so-so". His expectation very high.

This is my lunch kaki's spicy mee ($12) with pulled pork, homemade sambal, pork balls pork lard and Signature 72 degree Onsen Tamago (and side dish Agadashi toufu). He said the pulled pork was marinated well but noodles were too soft and soggy. As you can see, it was spicy with chili oil and he's satisfied.

I love the Agadashi toufu, it was perfect.

Hohohoho...this was my lunch, Refinery Waffle ($12)! It comprised of Vanilla Waffle, strawberries, sea salt caramel ice cream and crushed pistachio. The waffle was crispy but not hard and chewy or bready. I don't like my waffle texture to be like bread, so this was good for me. Ice cream was rich, creamy and not too sweet..strawberries were sweet and fresh and the pistachio was aromatic...yum!

They do serve alcohol during lunch and dinner.

Also everyone, there is no service charge! And they have clean toilets which I appreciate too..hehe..

Check out their website at


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  1. Aiyoh looks good! But pork noodles at such nice place?! Hmmmm abit weird but hack as long as its nice.

    /snake fearer