Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Ollie Cafe

Cousin and I walked past this cafe when we were shopping around Somerset area. The underground, called Orchard Gateway, has been done up and ready for visitors to travel from 313, Orchard Central to Orchard Emerald. It's nice to see some unique shops that sell different things like vintage accessories and soap making.

Then we went hungry and decided to sit down for a drink here..

And without having to ask, the waitress served us with water immediately once we sat down. Great service!

Small humble cafe..

Love my Pina Colada ($6.90 on the right), it really tasted like the real Pina Colada without coconut milk and alcohol..yummy..
Iced Lychee Mint Tea ($5.90 on the left) was slightly bitter but had minty after taste.

My cousin wanted an all-day breakfast so she ordered Sabsouska ($15.90) with chicken con carne, professionally cooked eggs, cheddar cheese, jalapeno, salad and toast. This dish was cheesy, , slightly spicy, the gravy was appetizing and the toasts were thick and crispy. But look at the oil!

My Hummus Salad ($10.90) with mesculun mix, olives, sun dried tomato, fresh tomato, cucumber, shallot and toast. I'm not a fan of sun dried tomato as it is very sour so I attacked the rest. The vegetables were fresh and portion was generous, so I couldn't finished at all. I love the Hummus texture, not salty not oily and it was nutty and had a hint of peas. Unlike my cousin's toasts, mine were thin but crispy too. 

Overall, this cafe offers a short list of dishes but they are specially decorated and cooked to present good contrast of colors and textures. I do not mind trying their coffee again when I pass by next time.

Want to look for them? They are at 277 Orchard Road B2-10, Orchard Gateway Shopping Malls, Singapore 238858.


p.s. hope everyone has enjoyed your long weekend!

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