Saturday, 30 August 2014

Ice Bucket Challenge

While trying to get some inner peace and patience back during this slightly difficult period, I went to the park, read books and surf online more than I usually do...and then I observed the Ice Bucket challenge has gone viral and I get to see some of my friends and relatives doing the challenge and posted their videos on facebook.

Honestly I was taken aback. 

Since when this has something to do with "losing face" if we were to decline it? It's about the will to do good. You do not have to increase the kg of ice or water (or pee just to show that you do not want to waste clean water), or increase size of bucket, or increase manpower to raise the bucket for you, or pay the extra few cents of water bill and then complain that government charges us high PUB bills and so on...You do not have to do the challenge, unwillingly, and not contributing in the end. What point are you trying to make? If you support ALS, donate money straight to them, this is practical.

Take a step back and not just look, but see. 

I encourage people to donate (time or money) to any charity during any day of your life. There are people and animals around us who truly need our support. Just a few minutes of our time or a few dollars make a difference to their lives.

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