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National Museum of Singapore - Absolut Vodka, Princely Treasures from the house of Liechtenstein

I've been to our National Museum many times, mostly were to see what exhibits were held and also to enjoy the beautiful architecture of the building. If you haven't been to the museum since your primary school excursion days, do pop by, it's really classy. Couple about to wed, you can consider taking your pre-wedding photos here too...of course, at an affordable price.

The reason I need to blog this is because of Absolut Vodka and Princely Treasures from the house of Liechtenstein exhibitions. These are rare! What I know is Princely Treasures has 9 more days before it ends, so if you like European arts and paintings, don't miss this chance. Otherwise you may need to fly to Liechtenstein to see the actual exhibition.

 National Museum is conveniently located near Dhoby Ghaut MRT.


Ok before we start a brief visual tour of the absolut vodka exhibition, kudos to these 4 men. They are the contributors of these rare collection. Thank you guys. Don't drink too much.

Let's begin to savour the silent treatment of vodka.....

 Do I see a halo or is it just the after-effect of vodka?
This is fun. It's called Canvas Symphony. Just pop into any of the 4 booth and place the bottle into any holes to create the rhythm and eventually the music. You can change the beat of drums, guitar etc.

Behold. What you are about to see are extremely rare bottles that can come with a street value of up to $15,000, that only a handful of people have seen in person. "Regarded as the Holy Grail in any collector's cabinet, these bottles are lusted by many, yet owned and jealously guarded by the elite few."

Ok I cannot let you see more. You should go and take a look in person!

See the bottles from small to large?

Next! Princely treasures!
In short, these are just a small portion of the arts collected by the Prince of Liechtenstein and his ancestors. They even have the paintings of his ancestors! How fun! Can you imagine you have that in your house/palace? But I think ours maybe from some Qing dynasty or something if we really had them....errr...abit creepy.

You can do your own painting here. They even provide subjects, paper and color pencils. Do it to impress your date! But must make sure you really can draw ok..

 I can also be "civilized" to appreciate the painting. Thanks buddy for this picture.

 Pretty daughters...fair and curvy.

Oh this is fun. It can be wound up and move around the guests. Whoever it stops at has to drink from it. It will often spill onto the guest's clothes and cause embarrassment and of course laughters. It's a game anyway, take it easy.

 Guided tour to explain every details of the collections. I missed it.

Do you recognize Jesus and Mother Mary in this painting? This painting was acquired in 1710! Perfect condition. Even our photos can turn yellow after 20 years..

This is one of my favorites..nice-figured fair girls in soft fluffy dress..The painter really brought out every details of the fabrics and foldings.

 Want to know the story behind this painting?
"Judith and Holofernes are figures in the Old Testament Apocrypha. Judith was a rich, beautiful widow, who has viewed as a heroine and a symbol of the Jews' struggle against their old oppressors, the Assyrians. When Holofernes, chief general of King Nebuchadnezzar, attached the Jewish city Bethulia, Judith tried to save the people by entering the enemy camp with her maid. Holofernes was overcome by her charms and kept her in his camp for a banquet. When he got drunk, Judith took his sword and severed his head. Her maid placed it in a bag and they left the camp before the body of the general was discovered. Without their general, the Assyrians fled and Bethulia was saved." did she charm him? ....

There was an orchestra  playing there on that Saturday! I thought it was the background music but it's real! Feel so high-class. But well, all these paintings are collected by Prince right...have to be high class.

So what are you waiting for? Singapore citizens are entry-free to most of the exhibits! Princely Treasures ticket is only $10, if you have NTUC card you can even waive it off! So just go! There are other permanent exhibits like Singapore history too.

Check out their website at or their facebook page

Next time, 1 Market by Chef Wan.


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  1. I would definitely visit this museum to see those amazing rare bottles of absolute vodka & the Canvas Symphony game.