Saturday, 8 June 2013

Mint Museum of Toys

Toy collectors and lovers, you may love this. This place is full of vintage toys and collections from famous movies/cartoons..some come with a price, some are priceless, some creeps me out. Seriously, I have childhood trauma of dolls ever since watching Child's Play at age of 4 at my piano teacher's house. I never played with dolls anymore except stuffed animal toys, robots and mini furniture.

Anyway I took the courage to go to Mint again as I received 1-for-1 coupon from my bff and I did it for you people because the ticket ain't cheap ($15) just to see toys in shelves. Nothing interactive. Well, maybe collectors will understand and appreciate. Not much education too, unless you get yourself a tour guide under special situation.

Mint is at Seah Street, just behind Raffles Hotel. You will be welcomed by friendly staff and a small counter with old school toys to be sold.

 There's a restaurant downstairs called Mr. Punch. There is also a rooftop bar!

 The interior of Mr. Punch

 Brochure and ticket. Here we go!

 Old school toys for sale.

There are 5 levels of toys of different theme, from characters to outerspace, with shelves full of them from all over the world.

 Even stairways have them!

 I have totally no idea how compass will work in space.

 Cute cute boy Tin Tin and Snowy..

 When I was reviewing this picture after taken, it creep me out. Look at the human shadow under Tin Tin's left elbow, it was definitely not a reflection of other toys. I was alone all along then, or was I?

 Apparently, Batman has no sense of direction.

 Teddy bears and other stuffed dolls..

 Bruce Lee!

 My favourite Ultraman Tiga

It's like I had taken a time travel machine back to my childhood time, although most of my toys were passed down from my bro and my mother was quite thrifty on buying me new toys. We didn't have technology back then, robots and moving cars were the best already. We will animate and voice-over the toys ourselves instead of playing with pre-recorded talking Tommy cat or angry bird on the ipad. We sewed our own stuffed toys, smelled them, washed them and resewed them when someone else ripped it open. It lasted forever...unlike technology. And we still grew up fine! 

So if you like toys and would like to have some childhood flashbacks, do visit Mint! 

26 Seah Street, Singapore 188382

Opening hours:
Daily 9.30am to 6.30pm 

Check their website also at

Have a great weekend!


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